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Sharing Economy + Genealogy

This is a very exciting time to be involved with technology. Specifically in applications and mobile computing. We’ve seen in the last five years several, multi billion dollar companies be founded that have changed entire industries, all around what they are calling a Sharing Economy — a type of business model built on the sharing of resources — which we have only begun to see the potential of.

As humans it is in our DNA to share our goods, services and knowledge, when we are able. It could be said that the first real sharing economies were based around the collaborative consumption model that occurred in the early days of the internet.(ex. Craigslist, Ebay, Krrb) We now have seen a evolution in that to a lending model or temporary service, rather than the exchange of an object simply for money. Some believe that: “this emerging sharing economy has come about because society has...

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Social Genealogy

 The shift to social

Maybe you can remember the days when genealogy work was done by searching through old, legal documents on the old fashion microfiche machines. Those seeking to discover more about their family history would have to request records from courthouses and then search through those documents, hopeful to find a sliver of information about one of their ancestors. Fast forward to present day, and the genealogical world has changed immensely. No longer are the days of searching through old documents for the desired information. New technology and the internet have done amazing things for family history work. Online genealogical communities fight to create a network of genealogists who can share tips and suggestions with each other.

Social networking sites have provided an opportunity for genealogical societies to connect with their members and reach out to new members...

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